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Artist Statement

I received the vision for The Story We Are Living in 1979 and knew immediately that giving form to the idea would be my life work. For over forty years this work has been the inspiration for my artistic, intellectual, and spiritual development.

The story we are living creates a literary bridge between two dissociated sectors of the U.S. population—the evangelical Christian community and scientific community. The mutual distrust between these vital sectors of the U.S. population impedes efforts to develop a unified and functional response to the coronavirus pandemic and other life-threatening situations facing Humanity. 

Evangelical Christians believe that Humanity is living a story. Their title for the story is God’s Plan. God’s Plan is the central tenet of evangelical faith. The story we are living offers a secular (not Bible-based) translation of God’s Plan. It conveys the gist of God’s Plan without any proselytizing or attempting to convert. I offer this translation with the hope that it will allow the scientific community and secular world in general to identify with evangelical Christians and understand the nature of their beliefs.

I was baptized total immersion in the Church of Christ in my late thirties. I am not a conventional evangelical Christian. I depart from convention in two fundamental ways. My faith is rooted in an artist’s connection with Source, not the Bible, and I believe that we (parts of humanity) are inherently one with the Creator. The Creator is Humanity’s self-image. We are created in the image of the Creator. The Creator is our common identity.

Skye Burn’s previous works have influenced arts education policy and leadership theory and practice internationally. In 2007, Skye was appointed Associate Member of the UNESCO Chair for Comparative Studies of Spiritual Traditions, Their Specific Cultures and Inter-religious Dialogue, “in honor of her valuable contribution to the research of fundamental issues in cultural studies, as well as inter-religious dialogue for inter-cultural understanding.”

The Story We Are Living

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Previous Works

The Strength of a Dream: A Daughter’s Portrait of a Northwest Children’s Author and Illustrator by Skye Burn

“The transcript alone can’t begin to capture the meaning and power that Skye Burn’s cadence and pace added. I honestly can’t remember a time when I have been so moved.”

Kathryn Anderson, PhD