House that I built for my family (circa 1993). During
the years I was building the house, I also designed and
built custom kitchen cabinets and furniture

As an artist, working with the medium of wood (creating the house
using air dried lumber, from trees felled and milled on our property)
allowed me to analyze the complex interplay between the forces of nature
which dictate structural integrity, the characteristics of the artistic medium
I sought to control, and the attention of the woodworker. Woodworking
requires total focus in the moment. Inattention using power tools,
or mismeasurement, results in swift disaster.

Landscape design and gardening are two of my favorite things to do with my free time. Working with the medium of earth connects me to the organic creative processes of nature.


Woodland meditation:
raking bamboo leaves
to clear a foot path


Pie cherries in colander, pleased gardener

My grandmother June Burn was a pioneer in the organic gardening movement. She studied with William Albrecht, at the University of Missouri, and did a year-long internship with Lady Eve Balfour, in England. Much of what I know about nutrition and soil enhancement came through her legacy.