For me, voice work is a path through the soul’s wilderness, a way of opening my heart and letting go of fear until the sounds become true and pleasing; not false and grating. I love singing world folk, spirituals, and country ballads. Occasionally, I do soul voicings— using my voice to clear a space, or give voice to the energy in a space, where people come together and join in doing soul work.

What is Soul Work?

We belong to a global community, as well as local communities. When members of a community speak harshly of one another, with disrespect and loathing in their voices, everyone is exposed to the contagion of distrust. Today, humanity faces life-threatening situations globally. To remove the threat, we must collectively work toward a common goal. Soul work means working through the historical and current issues that impede amicable relations and keep us from working together effectively.

My grandfather, Farrar Burn, sang for a living. He peddled his original songs from a stage on the hood of the car in which his family toured the United States in the 1920s. He accompanyied himself with guitar. As a child, I listened for hours to Farrar strumming melodies of wind and sea on piano strings.