What is a Social Artist?

The notion of a Social Artist originated with Jean Houston. In addition to a BA in the Psychology of the Creative Process, I hold a Master of Leadership in Social Artistry.

Training in Social Artistry involves learning to apply principles and practices of artistic mastery in creating the world. My definition of world is everything on earth that shows evidence of human touch.

As a Social Artist, my questions are:

  1. How can humanity create a world that works?

  2. How can we create a world that we universally find pleasing?

  3. How can we draw together as a global community to resolve the life-threatening situations that we collectively face in the world today?

My Journey as a Social Artist

Social Artistry, like other artistic practices, leads one on a mythic journey processed internally and externally. The core of artistic practice is developing the capacity to create tangible forms that capture, embody, and reveal intangible essences. Artists function in both the material and non-material realms. Internally, “doing the work” involves doing the soul work necessary to release the spirit, or soul, encased in the created form. Externally, artists master the craft of shaping the material medium. In creating the world, humanity works with the material medium (earth) to create cities and other human-made forms. These created forms house the human soul.

Developing my Social Artistry practice has led me to contribute to several interesting initiatives, all related to changing how the world houses the soul of humanity. To learn more click here.