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March 1, 2021

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Skye Burn
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Richard Brummett

Local Author Launches New Work

Bellingham, WA – Known for her innovative and impactful Social Artistry, Skye Burn is publishing the vision that has inspired her life work in a series of bi-monthly folios over a two-year period, starting March 1, 2021.

Skye Burn was born in Bellingham in 1949. She grew up in a log cabin without running water or electricity on small non-ferry served island in San Juan County, where she has lived much of her life. She now lives in Bellingham. Burn’s mother and grandparents were authors and historical figures in this region. Her mother Doris Burn wrote and illustrated books for children; her best-known book is Andrew Henry’s Meadow. Her grandmother, June Burn, wrote the popular memoire Living High: An Unconventional Autobiography. Her grandfather, Lage Wernstedt, a well-known mountaineer, explored and mapped the Cascade Range in Washington and Oregon for the U.S. Forest Service. In the 1930s, he was stationed at Mt. Baker National Forest.

Skye Burn’s previous works include The Flow Project and Revitalizing the Love of Life. The Flow Project, a not-for-profit organization, received international recognition and had major impact on global arts education policy and the field of leadership education, theory, and praxis. Revitalizing the Love of Life was a solo dance and music performance that told the story of Burn’s recovery from rheumatoid arthritis. She performed it twice in 2018, in Brighton, England, where it received a standing ovation, and in Bellingham. Western Washington University Palliative Care Institute sponsored the performance at Sylvia Center for the Arts. It was followed by a panel discussion with the artists who participated in the work: Pam Kuntz, director and choreographer, who pieced together the soundtrack; photographer Helen Sholtz, who contributed a montage of stunning images to open the piece, and Richard Scholtz who created the soundtrack. After Burn came back on the stage, she and the panelists answered questions from the audience. The week after the performance there was a second panel discussion with the four members of Burn’s Integrated Healthcare team at the Bellingham Food Co-op  

Skye Burn’s new work, The Story We Are Living, is a literary artwork consisting of thirteen bi-monthly folios published over a two-year period, beginning March 1, 2021. The audio and pdf editions are available through the Marketplace at The audio recording is Skye Burn reading her own work. To support the formation of small discussion groups, the pdf edition is available for downloading and printing for $5.00.

The print edition of the bi-monthly folios is 8 ½ x 11” and like a glossy art magazine. Thirteen visual artists (photographers, painters, sculptors) in Bellingham, the San Juan Islands, Anacortes, and Ashland, Oregon have contributed images for the folio covers. In their honor, Burn has pledged to donate 5{836251793370df53a833f9d0aca3ec777b095df994b9c67bb4ef3bb0d9584ad3} of the net income from the sale of the folios to programs that support arts education and Social Artistry. Folio #1 can be purchased through local bookstores and galleries, including:

Allied Arts of Whatcom County, Bellingham, 360-468-2132

Darvill’s Bookstore, Eastsound, Orcas Island, 360-376-2135

Griffin Bay Books, Friday Harbor, San Juan Island, 360-378-5511

Lopez Bookshop, Lopez Village, Lopez Island, 360-468-2132

Village Books, Bellingham, 360-671-2626

The Story We Are Living, a literary artwork, addresses the thorniest issues in the conflict between the evangelical Christian community and the scientific community. Burn explains the relevance of her work, “The distrust and deeply-mired disrespect between these two sectors of the U.S. population stymies efforts to develop a unified and functional response to the pandemic and other life-threatening situations facing Humanity. Evangelical Christians believe that Humanity is living a story, which they call God’s Plan. The story we are living offers a secular (not Bible-based) translation of God’s Plan.” Burn hopes “The Story We Are Living will allow the scientific community and secular world in general to identify with evangelical Christians and understand where they come from in their beliefs.”

In a pre-launch review of Skye Burn’s new work, Anne Stadler, a prominent Seattle community builder, wrote the following:

In The Story We are Living, Social artist, Skye Burn, has engaged Humanity’s key existential challenge: the conflict between the story of God’s Plan as lived by Evangelical Christians vs the secular story as lived by scientists and the world in general. 

Folio #1 sets the stage: Humanity, protagonist of the story, is facing seven dire life-threatening situations, as well as the Covid-19 pandemic. The other twelve folios apply depth psychology, story-field theory, and story to resolve the life -threatening situations facing Humanity. 

The work is bold and fascinating. Skye is a multi-dimensional artist, bringing Jungian psychology, myth and metaphor, theater, spoken word, and music into her presentation. She has chosen the evolution of homo-sapiens’ consciousness as the crucible of her reframing of the human story. 

Over the next two years, I anticipate reading a gripping mystery that illuminates the soul journey of Humanity; and invites the reader to master the essential elements that allow life to flourish.

Anne Stadler –