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A multi-dimensional artist works in multiple mediums simultaneously. Each page on this website represents a dimension of my work and personhood.

Announcing Skye Burn’s New Work

The Story We Are Living

A literary artwork consisting of thirteen bi-monthly folios published over a twenty-six month period, starting March 1st 2021. The folios will remain on skyeburn.com through December 2023.

The Story We Are Living bridges the schism between the world of science and the evangelical Christian community. The estrangement between these vital sectors of the U.S. population stymies efforts to develop a unified response to the pandemic and other life-threatening situations facing Humanity.


Folio #1 is now available

Access the audio and pdf editions skyeburn.com/Marketplace

The print edition is 8 ½ x 11,” cover 100# gloss, 4 color; interior text 60# offset; saddle-stitch stapled. Number of pages will vary. Folio #1 is 24 pages.

Purchase the print edition of Folio #1 through:

Allied Arts of Whatcom County, Bellingham, 360-468-2132

Darvill’s Bookstore, Eastsound, Orcas Island, 360-376-2135

Griffin Bay Books, Friday Harbor, San Juan Island, 360-378-5511

Lopez Bookshop, Lopez Villge, Lopez Island, 360-468-2132

Village Books, Bellingham, 360-671-2626

Prelaunch Review

In The Story We are Living, Social artist, Skye Burn, has engaged Humanity’s key existential challenge: the conflict between the story of God’s Plan as lived by Evangelical Christians vs the secular story as lived by scientists and the world in general. 

Folio #1 sets the stage: Humanity, protagonist of the story, is facing seven dire life threatening situations, as well as the Covid-19 pandemic. The other twelve folios apply depth psychology, story-field theory, and story to resolve the life -threatening situations facing humanity. 

The work is bold and fascinating. Skye is a multi-dimensional artist, bringing Jungian psychology, myth and metaphor, theater, spoken word, and music into her presentation. She has chosen the evolution of homo-sapiens’ consciousness as the crucible of her reframing of the human story. 

Over the next two years, I anticipate reading a gripping mystery that illuminates the soul journey of humanity; and invites the reader to master the essential elements that allow life to flourish.

 Anne Stadler – www.sourcingtheway.com 

Cover Artist

Helen Scholtz is a photographer passionate about the details in nature. Her photographs invite others into her way of seeing the world with time suspended and with an intense curiosity and delight in subtle wonders often overlooked. The texture of wood worn smooth, boat hulls reflected upon the water that supports them and the play of light are among the subjects that continue to inspire her for over 25 years.