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A multi-dimensional artist works in multiple mediums simultaneously. Each page on this website represents a dimension of my work and personhood.

Announcing Skye Burn’s New Work

The Story We Are Living

A literary artwork consisting of thirteen bi-monthly folios published over two years, beginning March 1, 2021.

The Story We Are Living creates a bridge between the buttresses of scientific reason and Christian faith. It provides a secular (not Bible-based) translation of God’s Plan, the central tenet of evangelical faith. The divisiveness and distrust between the evangelical Christian community and the scientific community thwarts U.S. efforts to develop a unified and coherent response to the life-threatening situations facing Humanity.

Available in audio, pdf, and limited paper editions. skyeburn.com/Marketplace


Timely, expansive, written with crystal clarity, moving, and important.

Stephen Shankman

UNESCO Chair in Transcultural Studies,
Interreligious Dialogue, and Peace.
University of Oregon

Skye Burn tells us a very big story that gives meaning to the polarization between right and left politics, science and religion, indigenous wisdom and technology. At the same time, she addresses the deep psychology within each of us to ease pain in this polarized world. It’s like reconciling the irreconcilable theories of relativity and quantum mechanics.

 Sophia Bowie-McCoy
Social Artist; Founder, Moving Intentions

Cover Artist

Julia Kerl, artist, art educator and retired art therapist, explores life through her art, focusing on both the interconnections within the world we see and our longing for that which we sense. A recipient of a Washington State Arts Commission/sculpture, her art has shown in numerous galleries/museums and is featured in the outdoor art collection of Bellingham, WA, where she currently lives.