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Between Times

an island rhapsody

Dusk-gloved promontories
finger the shifting seas—
their sandstone cliffs
cleaving eddied tides.
A blue heron stalks
the shore, an auditor
of pebbled shadows
beneath the ocean’s
surface tension sheath.
Off-shore breezes mingle
the fragrance of Nootka roses
and the cooling forest with the tang
of seaweed and beach grass. An otter
family swims by in a line, sleek heads
and inquisitive eyes turned my way,
connecting with my eyes across the
communication barrier between
species. The deepening night,
wild with a welter of stars,
makes the callused heart
succumb to the moment
with tender consent.

© 2022 by Skye Burn



The Story We Are Living is a literary artwork consisting of thirteen bi-monthly folios published over twenty-six months.

More than a story it’s non-fiction with a twist.

Paddy Bruce
Art Therapist, retired

Cover Artist

Julia Mira–I was born in Hollywood a long time ago. I remember jacaranda trees and wild parrots; the thick smell of eucalyptus and jasmine; torrential rains and choking smog; palms and carob trees crammed with songbirds. The Pacific Northwest has different constellations, a different smell and texture. Almost thirty years off the grid placed me squarely in the dirt and water, with the patterns and relationships to be found here. My art arises from that messy, fecund interleaving.