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Call to Action

For Social Artists

 Mothers and sisters,
fathers and brothers,
let us gather
together and pray.

Let us burn incense
in synagogues,
on the altar of Lord Shiva,
in Orthodox sanctuaries,
and Buddhist temples.

Let us dance our prayers
to strange incantations
of flutes and drums in
midnight moonbeams.

Let us pray
where the ebb tide
sweeps past the point:
pray for the orca,
pray for the raven.

Let us light
candles in cathedrals,
genuflect before crosses,
our prayers released
like white doves.

Let our prayers
be ecumenical.
Pray in Italian,
Chinese and English,
Russian and Tagalog,
Japanese and Bantu,
Farsi and Buryat,
Arawakan and Yuptik.
Pray out loud.
Pray silently.

My grandfather
always said “a wish
is more-or-less a prayer.”

Let us wish in concert
wish with all our might,
wish with all our hearts,
for a peaceful end to conflict.

Skye Burn
@ 2021


The Story We Are Living is a literary artwork consisting of thirteen bi-monthly folios published over twenty-six months.

More than a story it’s non-fiction with a twist.

Paddy Bruce
Art Therapist, retired

Cover Artist

Lance Ekhart has been on a lifelong quest to see the world from a different perspective, fostering a strong personal understanding of shifting realities and the way the mind processes imagery.  His nature photography focuses on scenes of raw patterns, contrast, colors and textures that stimulate the mind in a deeper, subconscious way viscerally connecting us to the natural world around us.